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Sectors We Serve

  • Elevator Cabin And Spare Parts Manufacturing.
  • Machinery and Spare Parts Manufacturing.
  • Automotive Industry
  • Billboard And Outdoor Advertising.
  • Electronic Cabinet Manufacturing.
  • Shelf and Shelf Accessory Manufacturing.
  • Fair and Display Stand Manufacturing.
  • Decorative And Souvenir Manufacturing.
  • Kitchen Accessory and Stainless Product Manufacturing.
  • Construction Industry.
  • Lighting Systems Manufacturing.
  • Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Industry.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting

  • The fastest technology in sheet metal processing is fiber laser.
  • The cutting process is carried out in a shorter time compared to other machines, with high quality and economically. A burr-free, smooth surface quality can be achieved.
  • Unlimited geometry parts can be processed with fiber laser machines.
  • Reflecting metals such as aluminum, copper and brass can be easily cut with fiber laser.
  • They process cutting geometries with high precision.
  • The waste rate in the processed sheet is reduced to the minimum level.
  • Continuous production can be made 24 hours a day.
  • It is possible to mark and write on the sheet metal.
  • Economical production can be made without the need for mold costs and auxiliary apparatus in the works with less number.
  • The machining cost is low. consists only of the energy used and the cutting gas.
  • Since it does not contact the material, there is no crushing, distortion and heat-induced deformation.
  • Very small diameter holes can be drilled.


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What is Fiber Laser?

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